Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The ephemeral moments..

I am tucked very comfortably in my blanket,
but there is a chill that slithers inside like the breeze outside,
Since I walked out of the office today,
I am a retired bloke.

The memories of last 25 years flash through my mind.
It feels like watching a slide show of photographs in an old dilapidated theatre.

My untiring endurance and sartorial elegance,
to the the lines on face and the grey ruffled hair,
The whispers in the night while making love,
to the struggle to howl for a glass of water ,  
Getting high on weed at Robin's,
to the daily morning shots of Insulin,
The shrieks of the kids playing all around,
to the awareness of the lull  that surrounds,
The confusion, whether to celebrate or lament
the fleeting time renders me weak.
Good night.


  1. You are absolutely fantastic girl!!! How could you think so deeply? The only thought that struck into the mind after reading is that, "this is it!" All of a sudden journey feels like the 'Destination'.... Keep it up...

  2. hmmm! Birthdays, a yearly reminder that asks you... are we there yet? ;)

    keep it goin;)