Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Crimson Scarf

When she turned eighteen,
she was lovely with eyes, emrald green,
Struck by silly youthful desires,
A boy set her heart on fire,
With flushed face and excited voice,
she had told her mom about her choice,
and as it was her first prom night,
her mom knit her a magnificient crimson
scarf with so much love and delight,

After 15 years the boy is her old man and the father
of her cute and chirpy daughter,
And often she had felt titillated by the muse,
when her little angel will be in her shoes,
be besotted by her "knight in shining armour",
like any other girl treasuring this dream to die for,
then she would pass her on the crimson scarf,
given by her mother in celebration for being in love,
One fine day, with curiosity gleaming in her eyes,
she asked her daughter about her likes and pass bys,
After an extended, frisky but bolstered prodding,
Finally, she got her little daughter speaking, 
"Mom, her name is Susan who makes me feel weak at knees",

With a barren mind and overweight heart, her world came to a freeze ,
She could manage her clumsy hand on her angel's shoulder,
drinking in the fact, her little angel was peculiar,
that no knight in shining armor was coming for her, ever.

Buried deep inside for more than two decades now,
the crimson scarf in her closet could never make its way out...

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