Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Confrontation

(Inspiration drawn while reading The Holy Bible)

There is "someone" staring at me from the mirror,
"Someone" who scares me if I try to get nearer,
Follows me when I am on the go or in deep slumber,
With passing time, "her" whispers in my ears are 
getting clearer and clearer..

She bears my face, my eyes, my nose, my voice,
But with a pair of moist eyes and so much poise.

Perhaps that is what makes her so naggingly different.
As I lay on my bed  in introspection to find this reason,
She spoke, " Nothing will come out of a mind thats ignorant."
"I was a part of you, once upon a time, who was torn apart
from you by a demon."

"And ever since I departed did you mourn my absence even once?"
"Do you still miss my being when there is a fork on the way that comes?"
"I seek an answer to all these questions as I am the one who has to 
face the court",
"What about you, you will dissolve with the ashes leaving me without 
any support."

I grope for words to tell how badly I have missed her at the time,
When I had to manipulate my words where the lines didn't rhyme,
And now I exactly get the difference between the two of us..
She worries about the judgement that awaits her in the skies,
Whereas surviving every moment down here, is the distress in my eyes.


  1. What a great start for the day..Your writing has always been intriguing and i love the way you analyze things..including yourself. Falling short o adjectives. All i can say is Keep writing ;-)