Saturday, September 11, 2010

Change....takes a while!!!

In a blanket of pretense, have been wrapped forever I,
you say now you want to see through or else you will pry?
For the soul who has always learnt to beguile,
Give it a while...

A fire was put off ages ago for it would incinerate a dream,

You rate me lower than him 'coz I don't have eyes that beam?
For the extinguished desire who has always lived in exile,
Give it a while...

There is a petite heart who has been hungry for love forever,

You want it to bear the pangs of loneliness without a shudder?
For the heart who was always meant to be fragile,
Give it a while....

I have always been walking in a herd obeying the shepherd,

You preach me now to walk on the path, undiscovered?
For the person I am who has always been docile,
Give me a while...


  1. words cant get any more beautiful and neither your thoughts...You have a great perception and you enhance it with the power of words u have,. Great work sweetheart. Loved this one too ;-)

  2. Hmm you rock Dear, with all that you are