Monday, August 9, 2010

"I am..."

I am that fallen drop of blood
on the battle ground that nobody saw.
Glistening in the cold moonlit night,
silently engulfed by the earth so raw.

I am a faint shadow in the woods,
in a stormy evening that everybody saw.
Dismissed by them as an aberation,
leaving me for the wilderness to gnaw.

I am that juvenile wave in the ocean,
emanating from the silver horizon.
Aging every second en route to the shore,
to disintegrate on a rock when its my turn,

I am a shooting star across the crimson sky,
at the dawn that can make wishes come true.
I am now a meager speck of sand on a leaf,
smudged and lost in the morning dew.

I am that velvety grass beneath your feet,
in a summer afternoon that comforts you.
Indented in shapes as you walk through,
but, I am still a weed in the wolrd's view.


  1. Bhaiya khatarnaak hai.
    nice description

  2. Last para says it all.... like it very much...

  3. Can we talk. Need to talk to you. If u permit.

  4. Good indeed. very nicely put across thoughts .