Sunday, June 20, 2010

Just another day....

Sleep walkin' every morning
I go to a place unfamiliar,
Life runs on a concrete stretch
of some 5 Kilometer,
A traffic light halfway that
robs away some more time,
Changing color to yellow green
and red resembling life,
I see familiar and strange faces
pulling over,
Some eloquent and
some obscure behind a cover,

That’s a handsome man
with a smirk on his face,
Guess he has moved ahead
a position in the race,
And here is a beggar
begging for some petty alms,
With a penny, he looks happy,
without any qualms,

I see a beautiful girl behind,
lost in her own world,
Wish the shining and fragile
bubble she is in never burst,
Right ahead is an old man
on a bicycle who looks jaded,
His wrinkles articulate the
eventuality of life that is dreaded

I wonder why that
bus driver looks so cold,
Perhaps he dropped his
spirits in one of the potholes,
The face at my left looks known,
of a successful manager,
who cannot manage his
forehead lines showing out of anger,
There is a lady standing
whose face I cant discern,
the lady is inside me
who has chosen to be stern,
Her soul is burnt by
harvesting her dreams in the sun,
May be this is the reason
of her being so numb,

And here I head towards
the same unfamiliar place,
on the 5 Km road where
 life runs at a fleeting pace...

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