Monday, October 1, 2018

To Vanisha...with Love

when thick fog of mediocrity blurs vision
be the colossal storm of excellence,
when cavernous is darkness of confusion
be the piercing light of precision,
when the roots have gone hollow
with a lot of care a new seed you sow,
a tree of love and compassion will grow,
to stand tall in a jungle, blighted by hatred
and sorrow,

When the song you write doesn't rhyme
turn it into a prose, greatest of its time,
when creativity is caged in walls of cliché,
with wings of boundless imagination you fly away,
when negativity propagates like a wild fire
to flow like a river of hope is what you aspire,

when we pass through a dark and narrow tunnel
oppressing our way out of this struggle,
it's ok if someone else wants the 'torch bearer's' label
but of that torch, you be the eternal flame my girl,
to guide us out in the sunshine of a new generation
where the shadows from the past are forbidden,
an era of expression, inclusion, progression
owing to daughters like you,
from this end to that, we will transition.

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