Friday, May 28, 2010

A memory revived!!

The pristine raindrops, pelting on my window,
tell a story of an unuttered sorrow,
languishing in the dungeon of memories for long,
like a magnificient palace in ruins and forlorn..

Being clasped by the tenacious grip of agony,
came to life the night, you gave up on me,
through the shadows of insecurity twas difficult to see,
I was swallowed by the infinite void of envy..

It was a moment when you were united and I, fragmented,
my strength to pull my self together was debilitated,
Pristine rain drops!! that night was cloudy,
I was all alone in the street which was crowdy..

That night when you started pouring, each & everyone
of you felt like piercing bullets in my heart,
the wilted wound marks are still there & the sweet pain never departs...
I try to dub the melancholy of my heart with your song,
fighting with the mind not to think what went wrong...

Pristine rain drops!! you emanate from the clouds
that were looming over him,
I am tempted to ask you if he sent a message
although the hope is very dim...


  1. Lovely sugs!!!!
    so damn beautiful...

  2. hey Sanju.thanks Sweethrt :)

  3. Hey rockstar.. as always i have just one thing to say... U r an amazing writer and have a great observation skill. Your writing is deep and gives a nostalgic feeling. Pls continue with more of such great work . God bless you!!!!!!

  4. Hi Chatar Patar,I just read u r blog it is very thoughtful and stimulates deep mind thought. All of us in our journey of busy life experience these mind situations for a while.

    Those movements are our real warm friends of our thoughts.

    If u see our dear blue earth is alone in this universe but its inner things are made of deserts, mountains, streams, river, sea, stones, soil, trees and leaving binges. But it is a victim of earth quake,flood,volcano,stroms and all this are not permanent.

    Being children’s of earth we also, I mean our minds also shaped like this.Somwhere for a while it is with u and fly like a bird,some time again and again it come back to same thing like a bird who again and again come back to fields those many times u have shouted at it.
    Like a butter fly which suck honey from various flowers it takes the knowledge,thoughts from as many sources it can.
    Like sea waves it changes its emotions every now and then.
    Like a sea at night which carries reflections of white stars are the symbols of beautiful dreams at night which crop up in our mind.
    Like a wind some time it moves very faster difficult to control and some time like a morning breeze you want that movements experience more and more.

    Like a universe there is no start and end to thoughts in our mind